Simple Ways To Excel In Your Laser Tag Game

Laser tag is suitable for most ages and it will definitely give you a rush. The realistic and intense combat-simulated shooting game involves life-sized infra red rifles and sensor-filled vests. The game is extremely fun and you will be able to tag or shoot other players over large distances. The activity is also safe and mess-free, and it also gives you a great physical and mental work out. If you are looking for team building or effective leadership training opportunities, laser tag is one of the first options you can consider! If you are new to this game, do not fret as the following tips will help you get started:

Learn more defensive techniques

You should always start by learning the layout as fast as you possibly can. It helps a lot to know the spots that offer good vantage points and cover. However, don’t be too much of a camper (it’s boring!). If you do not see anyone after thirty seconds, it’s time to move! Next, try walking sideways like a crab. While it may sound funny, it should give you the greatest protection. Always be on the move as you will risk getting tagged more by experienced players when you stand in one place for too long.

If you notice from the corner of your eye that someone is actually taking aim and you cannot hide in time, try turning sideways. The chances of hitting your sensors will be lower as you are not facing them full on. Once you’ve successfully dodged their attacks, rush to the upper levels and shoot down at your unsuspecting opponents!

Prepare well and wear something comfortable

For starters, you can consider wearing dark-coloured clothes. Light colours will tend to expose you and turn you into an easy target. Also, remember to wear a comfortable pair of shoes. For the ladies, you will want to avoid wearing heels at all costs. Your safest bet will be sneakers or dark- coloured boots. Before and after each game, do remember to hydrate yourselves! The last thing you will want to experience is collapsing due to exhaustion caused by dehydration.

Cultivate a winning mindset

Every time you press down on the trigger, think that you are shooting to win. Also, try not to take too much time at getting the perfect aim. It is much better to fire rapidly in the direction of someone’s sensors. Another useful technique is to hold and shoot your laser gun like you are shooting a machine gun in the movies. You can try turning sideways so that your face is turned to the direction of your “Shooting” shoulder. Not only will you feel like you are an action hero or heroine, you will become a hard target for your opponents. It’s a win-win thing you can’t miss.

All in all, it’s just a game and you should have fun! Winning tons of points while crouching in a corner is not all that really matters, try experiencing the thrills of going after a worthy opponent or even an annoying colleague!

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