Players who do not obey safety and venue rules may be asked to leave.

1) How safe is it?
There are no projectiles so there is no pain and no bruises to worry about. Players fire a harmless infrared beam (similar to that of a TV remote) not a Laser beam.

The risks to players are only the same as to anyone playing outdoors, (e.g. trip hazards, low branches, stings etc). We run a Mission Briefing before the game starts and it is the responsibility of every player to adhere to the rules, for their own safety. We cannot guarantee an accident won’t happen but we can guarantee that we do everything we can to minimize the risks.

2) Every player is required to sign a ‘Deed of Discharge, Releases & Indemnity form prior to play. No form, No play, No exceptions! Any player under the age of 18 MUST have their parent or legal guardian sign the form prior to play.

3) Laser Skirmish is a non-contact sport, therefore behaviour that could cause injury to themselves, other participants or Laser corps employees will NOT be tolerated.

4) Behaviour that may cause any unnecessary damage to any property at the venue or to Laser Corps equipment will NOT be tolerated.

5) Players must wear the correct clothing.

If you plan to hire our camouflage clothes we recommend that you wear t-shirt and shorts so you can pop the coveralls over the top. You are welcome to wear your own fatigues, if you have them.

If you are hiring the t-shirt package then everyone must wear long trousers (such as jeans) past their ankles. Players must not roll up their trouser legs and sleeves as they can get stung, splinters, cuts etc.  Players who do not wear long trousers will be charged for the full camouflage hire package.

Covered footwear (hiking boots or runners) must also be worn.

6) Players must play in the spirit of the game and respect other players (no put downs etc)

7) No one is to leave the playing area with Laser Corps equipment.

8)  No Smoking on the playing field.

9) Alcohol is not permitted on the playing fields.

10) Laser Corps reserves the right to refuse any persons whom they believe to be intoxicated.

11) Laser Corps will require any participant engaging in what we believe to be unacceptable behaviour or NOT abiding by the safety rules to leave the venue immediately!

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