Incoming secure communication… Mobile Laser Tag

If you can’t make it to Perth’s coolest resort based battlefield with bunkers, huts, bridges, cam nets,
fox holes and more, then we can come to you!

Russel Square 1 2017 L2Russell Lower
Mobile Laser Tag is perfect for Schools, Schools Camps, Fetes, Festivals, Telethon and backyard parties at YOUR place.

It is great fun and we do all the work for you; we can either set up an area with inflatable’s, play around buildings or in nearby bush. We provide all of the equipment, oversee the running of the games and pack it all up again. There is no mess, no fuss.
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Schools groups and festivals can play for most of the day rotating groups through or if preferred, play for a shorter time.

We play a mixture simple forgiving missions. Missions can be scored but as it is a team based activity we recommend no individual scores.

Both Outdoor and Indoor set ups are available.


Safety is always our first consideration:

  • Supervisors are provided who explain the safety rules as well as the game rules
  • Our Laser Taggers do not fire a laser beam they fire a harmless infra red beam similar to that used in TV remote control
  • We use a master controller that activates & deactivates player’s taggers immediately which makes group control easier and safer.
  • All players are required to wear closed in shoes
  • We have full public liability insurance from an Australian insurer



img_0814v2_400DIY Laser Tag Parties / Laser Tag Hire or Supervised Mobile Laser Tag Parties

  • Suitable for 5 years and over
  • For the best Birthday party everrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr
  • Dress up in Army clothes complete with camouflage paint!!
  • Choose from army theme, sci-fi theme or Zombie themes
  • Hire Spitfires, Scorpions, Cobras and more (see armoury for details)

Your battlefield can be;

  • A transformed backyard
  • The local park
  • Local bushland
  • Vacation care

Create your own laser tag battlefield (or hire ours). It can be as simple or as creative as you like.  You might like to build the battlefield the day before img_0798v2_400using boxes, black plastic & garden stakes, tables, anything. Or  You can hire our camo nets, inflatable’s & barricades, w e even have an inflatable Tank for hire!

Delivery or Pick up 

  • We deliver Laser Taggers to you (charges apply) or you can pickup and drop back
  • Give you a quick demo (it’s easy)
  • Then leave you to have all the FUN!!
  • Game instructions provided
  • Our laser tag hire includes Perth  and regional areas



  • Full day $350 for 10 Laser Taggers extra taggers $35 eatankv3_400
  • Army shirt hire is complimentary
  • A  longer hire times (charges apply)
  • Trained supervisors available (additional charges apply)
  • Barricades                                               $15.00ea
  • Inflatable tank                                          $40.00
  • Camouflage net varies with size from      $15.00ea


Suggested Itinerary

  • 5 min (max) briefing on how to use the taggers
  • 2 x Elimination (aka Death Match) – first game about 5 minutes, then change ends and repeat.
  • Drinks Break
  • 2  x Defend the Base – approx 10min each, one team defends a fortification (e.g. cubby house) while the other attacks. Then swap roles.
  • 1  x Capture & hold – approx 10min, each team starts at opposite ends of the playing area, both attack a central fortification.
  • Open presents, have refreshments, and cake.
  • 1  x Elimination game – finale – parents versus the Kids!
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