Mission Scenarios


Our missions are objective based requiring the whole team to work together to achieve the mission objective.


Deathmatch, also know as Team Deathmatch is a simple game of kill or be killed where your main aim is to eliminate as many of the other team as you can.

The Last Stand

A game where you need an iron will to attack or stout courage to defend. Will you lose your base to the enemy? Click on the briefing buttons to see what to do.

Defend the Base

Non stop action. The clock is ticking, your base is under attack, can your team hold the base until reinforcements arrive?


VIP Escort

You’ll need your wits about you for this one! One team sets up an ambush while the other team tries to escort the VIP (identified by a special cap) from point A to point B without being killed.



Pure stealth. With nerves off steel and a long range sniper rifle can your team of snipers pick of the hunters before they track you down and…?


Disarm the Nuke

An extremist group has armed a nuke. The countdown is on before she blows. Collect intelligence to decide which wires not to pull. Pull the wrong wire and KABOOM.


Total Control

Total mayhem. The team controlling the most number of strategic points (base A & B, the radio tower, the fuel dump/helipad, the bridge) at the end of the game is the winner.



You’re under attack, you’re hit, you’re down. All you can do is wait and call “medic, medic”…