1) What is Laser Corps laser skirmish?
Using our safe combat military simulation system players fire a harmless infrared beam (similar to a TV remote) to try to eliminate opposing players. No projectiles are fired.  It’s like playing in a live computer game and OUTDOORS!!
There is no possibility of cheating as our guns turn themselves off after a player has been eliminated. Players will have a varying amount of health, and replacements (New lives) ensuring all players receive maximum game time. As Missions are team orientated, players work together to achieve the mission objective/victory!

2) Weapons?
Our guns are metal constructed with real scopes and have simulated muzzle flashes and firing sounds. We have a big arsenal so you can select your weapon from a light weight compact SMG, to a mid-sized carbine, to a monster sniper rifle that can fire over 100m!!

3) Age and suitability?
Laser Skirmish is suitable for all ages however depending on venue some restrictions may apply to players under 8yrs.
Whether you’re 8 or 80 Laser Skirmish is great fun. A high level of fitness is not required as players can sneak around the battlefield sniping their opponents from afar or conceal themselves and defend their base.

4) Do you play in the rain?
Yes we play on most rainy days.
Players love it when it rains because it is more authentic. Waterproof ponchos are available.
We recommend you bring a change of clothing with you.
Hot showers are available at our Swan Valley battlefield.
In severe weather we will contact you to reschedule. If you do not hear from us then assume we are going ahead as planned.
If we get hit by severe weather while on the battlefield we will stop play for safety reasons and wait for the storm to pass over.

5)  Do you get bruised?
Our guns emit infrared (just like your TV remote) and as such the beam of light is invisible and harmless. There are no bruises from being hit, no mess, no pain, just a lot of fun!

6) Do players need to wear a mask or goggles?
No, players fire a harmless infra red beam (not a Laser beam) so there is no need to wear safety goggles.
Unlike paintball, players are not required to wear a mask.

7) Supervision?
All groups are supervised on the battlefield. Players must obey the safety and conduct rules explained at the beginning of the session.

8) What do I wear/bring?
If you plan to hire our camouflage clothes we recommend that you wear t-shirt and shorts so you can pop the coveralls over the top. You are welcome to wear your own fatigues, if you have them.
If you are hiring the t-shirt package then everyone must wear long trousers (such as jeans) past their ankles .Players must not roll up their trouser legs and sleeves as they can get stung, splinters, cuts etc.  Players who do not wear long trousers will be charged for the full camouflage hire package.
Covered footwear (hiking boots or runners) must also be worn.
It’s very important to remember to bring your Disclaimer forms, signed by your parent or guardian for each player under 18yrs. For adults or players who are accompanied by an adult they can do them on site. Unfortunately without them, players will not be able to take part.
Keep valuables at home, Laser Corps will not be held responsible for any loss, theft etc.
You might also want to bring a water-bottle so you can re-fill when required.
You may wish to bring sun-cream in warm weather.

9)  What happens when I get there?
·    Registration and payment, camouflage clothes kit out.
·    Team allocation, then head to the battlefield.
·    Safety briefing, rules of conduct respect other players etc.
·    Weapons training and weapons issued before deployment.
·    Mission briefings before each scenario.
·    Return weapons to armoury, return from battlefield, return camouflage clothing.
·    Sausage sizzle if applicable.

10) Are there any hidden costs, such as having to buy extra ammo as with paintball?
No! Your referee will load up your gun with enough lives to get you through your game. Laser Skirmish provides players with everything they need for the event, and unlike paintball, all the necessary ammunition is included in the price.