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Laser Corps is Perth’s leading Laser Tag/Laser Games Combat Adventure provider.

Laser Corps has been providing Perth residents of all ages with laser tag skirmishing for over 10 years. We have a huge range of laser taggers from pistols to small SMG’s to sniper rifles. Our battlefields with bunkers, huts, creeks, bridges set the scene for the ultimate laser tag skirmish. We play a wide variety of missions suitable for a large range of groups ensuring a thrilling, challenging laser tag experience for all ages. We even offer life – of a kind – after death, with our Zombie Apocalypse Laser Tag/Laser Games – get killed as a Human, and you re-spawn as a Zombie!

Why choose outdoor Laser Tag/Laser Games?

Paintball introduced the world to simulated combat, but it has serious drawbacks – being hit by a paintball can hurt – really hurt! The cost of paintballs is expensive and they don’t shoot far or straight plus there is the need to wear a sweating mask that fogs up. Laser Tag/Laser Games is safer no projectiles are fired, instead our Laser Taggers fire a harmless infrared laser beams to “tag” combatants. Unlike paintball markers Laser Tag/Laser Games guns shoot straight and come with a red dot or telescopic scopes. They also fire a lot further allowing for more strategic missions.

Our packages are tailored to emphasise the various aspects of laser tag combat, to suit the different objectives of our clients. We have corporate packages which place particular emphasis on team-building. Fun is the keynote in our bucks’ and hens’ parties and our laser tag birthday parties, while our school groups enjoy both the fun of skirmishing and the educational benefits of learning cooperative tactics and strategy. We offer Open and Closed sessions at our battlefields, but we also offer laser tag hire or mobile laser tag, which means you can play at the comfort of your home by bringing our laser taggers, staff and inflatable structures to any suitable space to create an ad hoc combat space.

Our Combat Experience

Players are kitted out in camouflage clothes and there is a huge range of Laser Taggers in our armoury.

Laser Corps variety of weapons, varied missions and awesome battlefields mean not only is it huge fun but our laser skirmishes are second to none.

The variety of our weaponry mean that as well as being huge fun, Laser Corps skirmishes reward team cooperation and group cohesion. Combatants are set missions that exploit the strengths and expose the weaknesses of the weapons in the teams’ hands and teams will very quickly learn to work together.

Unrivaled facilities

Within half an hour of Perth, we have four battlefields, Bibra Lake, Swan Valley, Kalamunda and Wattle Grove. Our Swan Valley location is attached to the Swan Valley Oasis Resort, and shares its facilities, including restaurant, conference room, Supagolf links and boutique breweries. All our laser tag battlefields have varied terrain – dense woodland, scrub, open ground – and are dotted with forts, gun pits and other features to enhance the combat experience. BBQ facilities are also available at most venues.

Our Armoury has the latest technology

Laser Corps maintains an armoury of over 9 different types of realistic-looking laser tag weapons – pistols, SMG’s, machine guns and sniper rifles. Each with its own strengths and weaknesses, leading to a great combat experience.

Laser Corps us the latest Laser Tag/Laser Games technology. Our Laser Taggers give direct feedback. When you hit your target the tagger says “casualty or tagged” it also records how many hits you make.
Let the Battle Commence!

  • Registration
  • Change into camouflage gear
  • Safety talk
  • Issue of weapons
  • Weapons training
  • Teams are given a series of scenarios and mission objectives, and a short period of tactical “sand” time to discuss, plan and agree upon their tactics.


After a hard battle, you need to unwind. Our Swan Valley battlefield has hot showers, changing rooms & bar. A BBQ is available for a post-combat sausage sizzle or combatants can enjoy fine food at the Resort’s restaurant, conduct corporate training in the conference room, take in the Mash Brewery or play a round of Supagolf. And if one brewery is not enough, we’re only 200 metres from the Duckstein Brewery, as well as local wineries.

At Bibra Lake there is a party room for after game celebrations party room for celebrations after the game, ladies and gents toilets for changing, a bbq for your use, all onsite. Located across the road there is the Bibra Lake foreshore directly across the road with council provided gazebos, bbqs, and large grass areas for the kids to play around.



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